Data Model

As the retrieved historical data is common to every financial product that investpy extracts data from, only a model class has been created in order to store the day-a-day historical data.

So in we define a model in where every value corresponds to each value of the OHLC (Open-High-Low-Close) nomenclature (except on stocks, that it also includes the volume) and it looks like:

def __init__(self, date_, open_, high_, low_, close_, volume_, currency_): = date_ = open_
    self.high = high_
    self.low = low_
    self.close = close_
    self.volume = volume_
    self.currency_ = currency_

As their names indicate, OHLC values refer to opening, highest, lowest and closing values of the market on a trading day, respectively. And the volume value refers to the number of shares traded in a security day.


The Data model is not usable as it is just a class used for the inner package, transparent to the user. It is used in order to categorize each retrieved value from Investing and then to define its structure and, so on, the structure that either the resulting pandas.DataFrame or JSON file will be based on.

Search Model